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Your Health History

Every Pregnant woman should schedule an appointment with the doctor once she discovers her pregnancy. The first prenatal test is very important to help the doctor recognize any hidden problem, sickness or risks.

On you first prenatal appointment your doctor will definitely ask you questions about your health history concerning:

1. Gynecological health

  • Your menstrual cycle

  • First day of your last period

  • Any problems or spotting since your last period

  • Any previous pregnancies

  • Any gynecological problems

2. Medical health

  • Any chronic diseases as diabetes or heart problems

  • Drug allergies

  • Any past surgeries

  • Medication or nutrients supplement you are taking.

3. Lifestyle

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Drugs

  • Sports and exercises

  • Type of work

  • Type of diet if any

4. Family History

  • Any chronic disease in the family

  • Mental health problem especially depression

  • Multiple pregnancy

  • Family history of genetic or chromosomal disorder and birth defect

Make sure you cooperate with your doctor to the fullest!

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