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Period Poverty Awareness Campaign
Don't Look Away

Our Vision

We believe that by creating a dialogue between parents and teens and teens to-be, we can achieve a healthy relationship and a positive social impact.

Why Menstrual Health?


  • Girls deserve good guidance during their transition to womanhood

  • The society is influenced by fake or wrong information and myths; it is dominated by period shame and taboos around menstruation

  • Parents need to be empowered and prepared to talk to their teenage children, girls and boys alike

The Red Period.jpg

Phase 1



Integrated engagement campaign about Menstrual period targeting parents of teens and teens.

Phase 2


Mission Driven NFT.

An NFT collection was created in collaborations with 8 artists and displayed at WomenDeliver Conference 2023.

front image (1).jpg

Phase 3

Coming Soon


VR educational content will be created and disseminated to NGOs and schools focusing on teenagers.

Phase 2

Phase 2 | The Art Collection

Don't Look Away
Curated by Azza ElHassan

Forever in the shadows of whispers and hushed codes a secret is shared with a selected many. They come from all walks and paths; speaking in all the tongues and being heard by none. Into the abyss they call out I’m here and I’m real. In the dark of the night and the brightest of day wandering in resolution determined to be seen and made known. Flesh shed a new; revealing the truth that has always been natural and beautiful.


Our artists journey against shame and disgust; venturing into an imagined reality of sense and sensibility questioning what it means to be menstruating.


Finding beauty, power, mystery, vulnerability, romance, abstraction and the greatest enigma of all… finding self.

Phase 1 | Awareness Campaign Achievements

Menstrual period Awareness Video

We have collaborated with different entities, NGO's and professionals to create a video unifying our voice in breaking myths and taboos and raising awareness about the menstrual period.

Phase 1
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