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Summer Pregnancy Tips

If you’re going through your pregnancy in summer, then here is the secret list of your summer must-haves tips; with these tips your summer will be more manageable:

  • Forget about pants! Believe me you don’t want to deal with them during the hot summer days. The best wardrobe for a pregnant woman during summer is a dress, long or short, just anything with short sleeves or no sleeves at all.

  • Don’t think that if you’re pregnant you won’t need a bathing suit! Using a big T-shirt and shorts is a total regret!

  • Water, water, and water! Drinking a lot of water is the most essential thing for a pregnant woman especially in summer. Buy re-usable water bottles and take them everywhere you go.

  • Find a pair of comfortable supportive sandals of flip flop; your life changes when your feet feel comfortable!

  • Never run out of fresh fruits during summer when you’re pregnant; they’re good and refreshing!

  • Skip cooking hot meals in the summer! Either grill out, or opt for fresh ingredients. Overheating in your kitchen won’t bring you any good.

  • A fan or an AC unit! As much as it can sound funny, you won’t survive without something that cools you down and helps you during the hot summer days.

  • Last but not least, always listen to your body. If you feel overheated, dizzy, lightheaded or nauseous, find a cool spot, drink plenty of water and stay in the shade.

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