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Morning Sickness During Your Pregnancy

Morning sickness affects more than half of pregnant women. The early indicators of pregnancy are nausea and vomiting. They can happen at any time of day, but they are most common in the morning. This nauseating sensation goes away during the 12th week of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is not harmful to you or your baby unless you vomit excessively. This is known as "Hypermesis Gravidarum." If you have nausea and severe vomiting, as well as weight loss, you should consult your doctor right away. In some circumstances, hospitalization and specific care will be required to lessen the harm and keep you and your baby healthy.

Here is a list of suggestions to help alleviate your symptoms:

  • Eat a small amount of food as soon as you wake up and before getting out of bed.

  • Consume little amounts of food frequently throughout the day.

  • Stay away from spices and red sauces.

  • In between main meals, snack on dry crackers or toast.

  • Avoid strong fragrances, smoke, and odors that make you feel ill.

  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. It can make you vomit.

  • Take a rest during the day.

  • Sniff lemon or ginger to get rid of sickness.

  • Get some exercise and avoid lying down after eating.

  • Eat a little snack before going to bed. It will assist in alleviating morning nausea.

Nausea usually subsides after the third month of pregnancy. The significance of this feeling varies from woman to woman. It might progress from a mild feeling of nausea in the morning to severe and regular vomiting. In any event, you should call your doctor, who may carefully prescribe anti-sickness pills that will not harm your baby while also making you feel better, allowing you to enjoy your first trimester.

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