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Hia Magazine

Addressing the menstrual cycle is challenging due to the misunderstandings and taboos that exist in our community. However, we believe that by raising awareness and educating both girls and boys on the subject, we can create a better future based on mutual respect and understanding. Keeping the matter taboo will not benefit anyone, but rather will aggravate health issues that girls may face.
Special thanks to Hia Magazine - Saudi Research & Media Group - مجلة هي for their support and for enabling us to raise awareness about the matter through the interview.

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Marie Claire Arabia

The Teens Project is a Toofoola initiative that focuses on multiple topics important for teenagers and their parents. The project's first awareness campaign is on Menstrual Health for teenagers in alignment with SDGs #3 and #5 of the United Nations.
This year, and as part of the campaign we celebrated MHDAY2022 by sharing our thoughts and aspirations to break myths and taboos around menstrual health in our region and how education can empower girls and boys to take control of their bodies and eliminate misinformation.
Special Thanks to Marie Claire Arabia that allowed us to reach their audience and raise awareness about this topic.

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Bazaar Town Magazine

Investing in our youth is the most important investment we can make to ensure a brighter future for everyone, not just girls and women.

We were thrilled to be included in the June 2022 issue of Bazaar Publishing to raise awareness about menstruation health, share knowledge, and normalize the dialogue about this topic.

Together, we can break down taboos and dispel myths!

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Khaleej Times

We were thrilled to be featured in Khaleej Times to discuss the social media impact on our teens as part of our Teens project.


Teenagers, who are becoming increasingly conscious of social media platforms, go for their phones as soon as they wake up, often before showering or brushing their teeth, to check their own and others’ posts. They start sharing videos

from their favourite followers, respond to late-night text messages from their best friends, and post about themselves — all to keep up with what is going on. The aim? To gain a large number of followers in order to be verified and start

making money, start a new trend.

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