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Your Hair During Pregnancy

As any other woman you want your hair to be perfectly done during your pregnancy. So would it be safe to color your hair? Would it affect your baby? Or would it be with no risk?

Research shows that hair dyes are mostly safe during pregnancy. The small amount that passes through your scalp skin is not enough to cause fetus damage. However, doctors recommend not using hair dyes during the first trimester. Also it is recommended to use dyes without ammonium since the strong fumes inhaled during the process may be harmful to the baby’s development.

What protection should I take during hair treatment?

  • Avoid hair treatment during the 1st trimester

  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly after using dye

  • Dye your hair in a ventilated room

  • Use products with no ammonium or no peroxide

  • Read instructions on package before using any hair treatment

  • You can use hair highlighter kits since it does not touch the scalp

Be careful when perming or straightening your hair during your pregnancy. It might not give the same result as you used to have before. Your hair changes during pregnancy. Always take into consideration the time, amount of exposure and frequency of usage. There are no definite answers when using chemicals during your pregnancy.

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