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Your Baby and Music

You may have heard that exposing your baby to music before birth can make him smarter. There is no evidence to support this theory, but one thing is certain: music has an effect on your baby in the womb!

How cool is it to feel your baby's kicks or sudden stillness in response to your favorite music? Your baby may hear sound starting around the sixth month of pregnancy. He can hear the music, which means he can rock out to the beat!

If you’re asking what is the right way to play music for your unborn child you should know that you can either put your headphones on your abdomen, or simply play some music on the stereo. In case you go the headphones route you should limit it to no more than an hour a day, since the music is up close and the amniotic fluid is actually a good conductor of sound; so you may over stimulate your baby. If you choose the stereo, don’t raise its volume because it can also harm or startle your baby. Lullabies or classics are the most recommended, but most music will do as long as it’s calming! You can also sing for your baby yourself, which brings him the most calming effect!

Remember to listen to music because you enjoy it, not because you want your unborn baby to be smarter. Music induces rest or sleep, and when a mother relaxes, it is beneficial to the baby; hence, music has an indirect effect on the infant.

Another significant and fascinating fact: studies have shown that babies may remember songs they heard in the womb. Play the same few songs for your baby during your third trimester, and once he's born, replay the same album to see how he remembers the rhythm and feels soothed!

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