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Winter Game: Build a Snowman

Your trip to the snow will never be complete until you build your perfect snowman! How to make it? We will help you!

First of all, you should find a place where snow clumps together easily and isn’t too wet.

Shape a small handful of snow into a ball and keep adding more snow to it until you can’t hold it in your hands anymore. Put the ball down and start rolling it away from you slowly. The snow will stick to the outside of your ball and you should pack it together by pressing on it with your hands. Keep rolling until you reach the needed size. Repeat this for your snowman’s middle section and his head. The snowman should be getting smaller in size as you go up.

Use sticks to make his arms.

Make your snowman’s face: use round rocks, buttons or anything dark and round to make the eyes, a stick to make the mouth and a carrot for the nose.

To keep your snowman warm, give him a nice beanie and a scarf around his neck.

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