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Baby Shower Invitation Card

A very nice and sweet idea to invite the guests to your best friend Baby Shower!

All you need:

  • An ultrasound photo of your friend’s baby

  • Colourful cardboard

  • Baby Gift wrap paper or baby decorative paper

  • Ribbon

  • Glue

  • Scissors

Cut the colourful cardboard into 18x12cm. Cut the gift wrap paper into 1cm width and 12cm length strips. Glue the strips in the middle and bottom edge of the card.

Glue the ultrasound picture in the middle of the upper part of the cardboard.

Between the strips, you can write:

“Please join us for a Baby Shower

In Honor of

(Mother’s name)



For a small touch, you can tie the ribbon into a small butterfly and glue it in the middle.

Have a nice Baby Shower Party!

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