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Who's Your Guardian Angel?

Do you remember playing this game every year before Christmas? Play it with your children, family, and friends to brighten up Christmas Eve! At the start of December, jot down the names of your family and friends on a piece of paper. Fold the sheets and have each person choose a name for this person's guardian angel. Throughout the month of December, each will bring modest gifts to the person whose name he chose without disclosing himself. And on Christmas Eve, when everyone is gathered, all guardian angels will be revealed and hand the main Christmas gift to the person they chose!

The Secret Angel game promotes compassion, joy, and happiness. You may have fun with your family during this time of year by playing games with them.

It help your child learn compassion. Allow them to choose someone from their family or community to give them a present and cheer them up over the holidays. The gift can be extremely basic and made from items found around the house, such as cookies, cake, wool socks, shared clothing, and so on.

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