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What to Wear For School!

Regarding clothes, schools are divided into two categories: those that impose a school uniform and those that don’t. As for parents, some are with school uniforms and others are against them.

What are the advantages of school uniforms?

  • They help to prevent gangs forming in the school.

  • They encourage discipline.

  • They help kids resist imitating their peers to buy similar clothes.

  • They help identifying intruders in the schools.

  • They diminish economic and social barriers between students.

  • They minimize morning fights between parents and kids to choose the right outfit

  • They minimize the risk of damaging clothes with paints

What are the inconveniences of school uniforms?

  • They violate the students’ rights of freedom of expression.

  • They are a financial burden for poor families since they are usually very expensive.

  • They are very hard to impose in public schools.

If your kids go to a school that doesn’t impose a school uniform, buying their school clothing might cause you some worries. To make it easier on you, remember the tips below:

  • At school, your kid will be participating in different activities, will be sitting crossed legs on the floor, etc. This is why it is necessary to buy for your kids comfortable clothes that let him move easily.

  • At school your kid will have to use the restroom on his own, this is why you should choose him clothes that make dressing and undressing easy for him.

  • Check with the school if there is a certain dress code your kid has to respect.

  • Make it easy on yourself by choosing for your child machine washable school clothes.

  • Do not buy expensive clothes because they will get damaged quickly.

  • It is important to label school clothes with your kids’ initials, especially jackets, for it is very easy for them to be misplaced or lost.

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