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Back to School

School is back! Some children may be anxious to get back to school, others would be excited. Whatever your child is feeling you must prepare and help him to go through his first day at school. Kids fears “Back to school” time for several reasons such as attending a new school, moving to middle school or just adapting again to the daily school routine and rules after a long happy summer.

Your kid might feel relaxed if he is well prepared ahead of time. Don’t keep things for the last minute. Here is a list to prepare with your child before the big day:

  • Enforce the rule of going to bed early and having enough sleep at least a week ahead of school.

  • Let your child have a healthy breakfast (Milk, cereals, eggs, jam …) that gives him energy throughout the day.

  • Take your kid to visit his school. It would be great to get an idea of how his classroom would look like.

  • Meet other parents and try to fix a play date especially if you have a child in the kindergarten. At least he will meet a friend that comforts him during the first day.

  • Shop for all books and supplies that he might need during his school year. Prepare them and fix his bag.

  • Prepare the study area. A quiet place to study will help your child to finish his homework at time.

  • Talk to your child to ease his anxiety. Let him speak about his fears and try to find a solution with him.

  • Prepare your child’s uniform. Wash it, iron it and hang it in his closet.

  • Shop for his lunchbox. Great ideas are found in supermarkets that you can prepare at home to make his lunchbox exciting.

Kids often feel hard to go back to school. You can make a difference by getting ready in advance and making sure that everything is going smoothly. Keep a sense of humor and have fun preparing your kids for the beginning of their school year!

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