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Top Summer Activities for Kids and Parents

School has finished and summertime is here! No rules, regulations, deadlines and stress. Fun time is here and kids are full of energy to start their summer vacation. The weather is great, outdoor activities are accessible and the most important is that parents can convert the study time to fun time and to connect with their kids. It is the time of the year where lots of memories are created and kept in a child’s mind. Here is a list of activities that you can plan with your kids:

  • Visit new places: Plan a trip during the weekend with your kids to visit a historical monument, museum, a farm or even a natural reserve. This experience would be very exciting and enriching. It allows broadening your kid’s knowledge and experiencing new things.

  • Plan a garage sale: Make your kids fix their room and remove all unnecessary toys or books. They can display them on a stand and have a garage sale. Let your kids decorate the stand and make advertising signs.

  • Plan a summer movie: Give your camcorder to your kids and let them shoot a movie. It can be filming a story they made it up or singing a song or just filming their daily activities. It would be nice to invite the family and watch it together. After all, movies will be kept for lifetime.

  • Invent a book cub: Let your kids and their friends read books from same topic. Gather and discuss it with them. Have each child talk about what he liked and what he didn’t.

  • Invite your kids to a restaurant: Let them pick up their favorite restaurant. It would be a great time to bond with your kids and engage with them.

  • Prepare arts & crafts: Kids love to cut and paste. Grab some craft materials and sit with your child to invent a lovely craft. You can try lots of ideas for different ages.

  • Plan an outdoor day: Take the kids for a picnic in a park. Get outside and play with them, ride a bicycle or play football.

  • Plan a day on the beach: Kids would love to build sand castle, play volleyball and splash into the water. Enjoy your day with them.

Summer activities are endless and fun. Use this time of the year to connect with your kids and engage with them. Summer memories are lovely memories that are kept forever!

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