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What is fatherhood

What exactly is fatherhood? Is it only the man in the family? Is it only the person who issues paychecks? Or is he the type of man that protects, watches over, and cares for his family? Fatherhood is full with challenges. Being a father is a one-of-a-kind experience that every man will discover and live throughout his life. It begins with a positive pregnancy test result and continues until the end. It is a joyful, responsible, involved, and loving process.

The word "Father" evokes many thoughts in our minds. Those memories are heavily influenced by how involved our father was in our lives. Previously, father's primary role was to financially support and guard the house. His role has evolved over time. It requires more dedication, participation in daily duties, and raising children.

Children value spending more time with their fathers. It would convey the impression that their father loves and appreciates them. Being involved in every aspect of a child's life provides children the sense that they are loved and valued. Many daily tasks, such as teaching how to ride a bicycle, changing nappies, reading a book, and teaching swimming, can provide ways for participation. Knowing your children can give you an edge to meet their needs later in life, as well as a method to create a solid, trustworthy, and faithful relationship with them.

Children require their father in the very same way that they require their mother. A child's development is influenced by the sense of security, the image of a mentor, the knowledge, and the love that a father portray. Each parent must perform their part and understand its significance. Children need a father who is likable, approachable, responsible, engaged, and involved in teaching them boundaries, ethics, integrity, and gratitude. Fatherhood is more than just a biological relationship; it is characterized by unconditional love, assurance, commitment, and devotion.

For all loving fathers in the world, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

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