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What If Your Child Refuse to Go to Summer Camp?

School is finished and parents thrive to register their kids in summer camps. But what if your child refuses to go to a summer camp? What if you have tried all kinds of persuasion and he still refuses the idea of going to a camp?

Summer camps decision is made by parents without taking into consideration what the child needs to do during his summer. This issue increases more with big kids who are around 9 years old and teenagers since they start to shape their personality and discover their own power.

Some kids refuse summer camps since they consider summer as a time off from rules and regulations. They want to feel free, have some time off and do whatever they want. You can encourage your child to register in summer sport classes which does not require from him to wake up early or to have a daily routine or even to follow a schooling program. You can also offer him a job which he can do around the house or in his community so he can earn money and buy whatever he wishes for. Make sure that those duties are kids proofed and not dangerous.

Parents should discuss with their child the decision of going to summer camp. They should know that summer camps are not a therapeutic way to shape their kids personalities. A shy kid won’t change if you put him in a summer camp. The way a child acts in the society is learned through a long process. It can’t be forced on the child. Using summer camps to change your child’s social attitude is not a good decision. Your child might hate camps and turns down any future opportunity to get involved in summer activities. You will definitely know when your child is ready for summer camps. Do not force him. However you can start preparing him during the year as encouraging sleepover in his friend’s house, promoting kids activities and make new friendship.

As a parent, spending some free time with our kids during summer is enough for them to feel happy and enjoy their vacation. Take some time off from your work and spend a wonderful time with your kids.

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