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Welcoming Your Baby Sibling

Having a new baby in the family is maybe one of the toughest things that your older child will experience. At the same time, it might be one of the best gifts that he will receive from you! The most important thing is definitely to prepare your child ahead for the arrival of his sibling. Let him participate in all the preparations, like decorating the nursery for the new baby, packing your bag for the hospital, choosing the baby’s name, etc.

And when the day will come and you will be coming back home with the new baby, let your older child welcome his sibling with a little party he’ll organize with his daddy. It is true that the little baby won’t be aware of what’s happening, but it will make your older child feel good to organize this little party.

To make it more fun, your child can prepare for his little sibling a special gift! Let daddy help him.

You will need:

  • A white cotton baby body

  • Fabric markers

  • A small box or book that fits inside the body and stretches it out

  • An iron

  • A piece of paper

Place the box or book inside of the body and let your child draw on it a picture of his new brother or sister. When he’s done, let an adult help him. Turn the body inside-out, put the piece of paper inside it between the pieces of fabric then move the iron over the backside of the design for a couple of minutes.

Your child will be so happy to see his newborn sister or brother wearing his special gift.

Fill the house with balloons and decorations and don’t forget the camera!

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