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Top Swimming Pool Games

When your child becomes a good swimmer, water games will add a lot of fun to his day at the pool! So gather all your child’s friends and organize for them some fun pool games, but remember that an adult who swims well has to be always with them keeping an eye on them and being able to quickly react in case of any type of accident.

Here are the top swimming pool games children will definitely enjoy playing:

1. Marco Polo:

This swimming pool game is very popular yet so simple; it can be played by two players or more. One of the players is blindfolded; he stands at the edge of the pool and counts until a certain number. By this time, the other players scatter around the pool. When the count is over, the blindfolded player swims around and tries to tag any other player. He can locate them only by their voice. To guess their location he shouts “Marco” and all the other player's reply by shouting “Polo”. This continues until he catches a player who will then become blindfolded himself.

2. Pick up ice cubes:

Add some food dye to the water and freeze it in several ice cube trays. When frozen, throw the ice cubes in the swimming pool. The game is about picking up as many ice cubes as possible with the toes and throwing them out of the pool. The player who eliminates the biggest number of cubes wins.

3. The air mattress challenge:

Inflate an air mattress and see how many kids can stand up straight on it in the water without falling over. The person who’ll stay on the longest will win.

4. Find the coins:

Toss coins around the area of the swimming pool and let the kids dive in and find as many coins as possible. Whoever collects the biggest number of coins wins. You can add some challenge to the game by having the kids pick up a certain number of coins before taking a breath. That’s a great exercise for building lung capacity.

5. The White Whale:

One player is the whale and floats on his back in the middle of the swimming pool. The other players swim around him about 2-3 feet away. At any moment the floating whale turns into a hungry one and chases the swimmers around the pool trying to tag one of them. The swimmers will swim as fast as they can, trying to get out of his way and get to one side of the pool, but once a swimmer is tagged he becomes the next whale.

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