The Best School Bag for My Child

School will start soon and kids are excited to buy their new bags for the new school year. Lots of brands, shapes, sizes and colors are present in the market. What is the best bag for my kid? Which bag would hold all those textbooks? Which bag won’t hurt my child's back?

Here are some tips to consider while purchasing your child new backpack:

  • Buy a bag that is suitable to your child's size.

  • Make sure that your child's backpack is made of durable material.

  • Search for a water resistant backpack, to keep your child books dry and away from rain or water puddles.

  • Make sure the bag is padded on the back section, so the books won’t dig into your child's spine.

  • Get a bag that contains many compartments to balance the backpack's weight.

  • Look for a bag that have a secure strap across the chest to keep the weight balanced and prevent shoulder pain.

  • If your child has to carry lots of textbooks, consider buying a backpack with wheels . He will drag his books instead of carrying them on his back.

Kids usually tend to buy the funkiest and most trendy backpack. You should select one that suits your child's personality. He would be proud to hold it, but you have to make sure that it has the most adequate features to eliminate any back pain and to make his daily journey to school easy and pleasant.

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