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Top 10 Tips To Get Pregnant

You and your spouse decided to take the leap into parenthood. You might be excited and happy but you should take into consideration the preparation of your body to conceive and hold the baby during the pregnancy. Here are some tips you have to do before taking this important decision:

  • Step 1 Schedule a meeting with your gynecologist. The doctor will perform a total check up and will give you recommendations about best ovulation time, weight, vitamins, medicines and immunization. He will also recommend a blood test to eliminate any specific conditions. He will assess your medical situation, especially if you are taking medicines for diabetes, epilepsy and other chronic diseases. Some medicines should be altered during your pregnancy since they can be harmful for the baby.

  • Step 2 Check your teeth with your dentist. If you need any tooth replacement it is better to do it before you get pregnant. Usually pregnancy hormones affect the gum and might lead to tenderness and gum bleeding situations when brushing and flossing.

  • Step 3 Start a healthy diet. Fill your fridge with healthy fruits and vegetables. Get away from fatty food, alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Try to eat food rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin D and folic acid. Have a diet rich in whole grain and a variety of proteins. Stay away from some types of fish such as Tuna, shark, marlin and swordfish. Limit the intake of fresh cream from non trusted sources and food rich in vitamin A as liver products.

  • Step 4 Start taking Folic Acid. Folic Acid is very important for the baby development; it lowers the risk of spina bifida (spinal cord problems), and other birth defects. You should start taking it a month before your get pregnant and your doctor will recommend to continue it till the 12th week of pregnancy.

  • Step 5 Start your vitamins. Your doctor may recommend a multivitamin that also contains Vitamin D, the Vitamin that is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  • Step 6 Start exercising. Make it a routine for you. Shaping your body and releasing stress will increase your chances of getting pregnant. You should continue exercising even during your pregnancy. It will increase your flexibility and help your body to hold the baby.

  • Step 7 Fix your weight. If you are over weighted, you will have problems getting pregnant and will have a higher risk of pregnancy complications.

  • Step 8 Avoid contact with any infected materials or any other sources of infections. If you are planning to get pregnant you should check your immunity for rubella and toxoplasmosis. If you are not immunized for rubella, think about it and get immunized at least 2months before you get pregnant. Check your immunity before conceiving. For Toxoplasmosis, the germ is found in raw meat and cat feces. You should avoid it by washing very well the vegetables, not ingesting raw meat and wearing gloves when gardening or cleaning cat litter. As well avoid any unpasteurized soft cheeses because they can hold dangerous bacteria called Listeria.

  • Step 9 Consider your work environment. If your perform a dangerous job related to any chemical or radiation sources, you should consider changing or shifting to any other department which is less harmful for your baby.

  • Step 10 Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Having a child is the most wonderful thing and a lifetime commitment. Talk about it with your spouse. Discuss responsibilities, parenthood and child care. Ask other mothers about their opinions and experience.

Enjoy your experience and Good luck!

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