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Tips to Meet Teachers

When you meet your child’s teacher follow the bellow steps to initiate and maintain healthy relationship:

  • Be calm. Discuss the issue with another adult before confronting the teacher.

  • Decide about the best time to meet and insist on follow-ups.

  • Always give hints about the discussion you want to have with the teacher prior to the meeting.

  • Gather all necessary information before the meeting.

  • During the meeting use the “I” statement and do not blame the teacher on anything. Instead of spending the time defending herself, she would discuss the ways to help your child.

  • Be an attentive listener.

  • Share with the teacher your experience at home with your child. Share your worries and try to come out with a solution.

After all, teachers are in classes to educate our kids. Let’s try to cooperate with them for a better learning environment and initiate with them a good relationship based on respect and trust.

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