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The Perfect Study Area

With your children back to school your thoughts will go to preparing a good place for them to study. It is very important to set an afternoon study habit, and an inviting study corner can help you with that! If you child’s idea of a study area involves draping his legs over the back of the sofa and reading upside down with a bag of chips on his stomach or just spending hours staring at books without reading anything, it is really time to sort that out!

To create a study area that meets your child’s needs, follow the tips below:

  • Find a quiet space where your child can sit without being disturbed; a corner of the kitchen, living room or even a bedroom will do as long as there is enough space to spread out books and materials.

  • Make sure that the desk your child will study at is big enough to be comfortable without overwhelming the space.

  • The chair is a crucial element of the study area; make sure that the chair you will purchase for your child is comfortable enough so that he can sit on it for several hours. Beware that it is not too comfortable so that you’re child don’t fall asleep while studying.

  • Good lighting is very important, so make sure your child is not sitting against the light while studying and purchase a desk lamp with a light pattern which shade ensures that the glare isn’t directly in your child’s eyes.

  • Make sure you prepare for your child a plenty of storage place. It can be a desk drawer, plastic boxes, shelves… And labeling these using bright colors make it easier and funnier for your child to arrange his stuff.

  • Create a place for your child to display his accomplishments; it can be a board where he will hang his schedule, his art work, his gold stars and other things.

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