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The Magic Queen

This simple magic trick with cards will let you have so much fun tricking your family and friends during Halloween night!

You will need:

  • A red queen card and 4 black cards

  • Glue

  • A paper clip

To prepare your trick, overlap the five cards in a straight line with the queen in the middle, letting about ½ inch of each card’s face show. Now glue them together.

To do your trick, show to your audience the group of cards and ask them to remember the location of the queen. Turn the cards around and ask one of the spectators to clip the queen using the paper clip. When you turn the cards around again, the spectator will find that he hasn’t clipped the queen!

You will really surprise your audience, but there’s no big secret in what you did! It’s based on the fact that a group of cards displays in different ways when shown in the front and when shown in the back.

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