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The Importance of Seat Belts

How many times while driving we spot an adult holding his baby on his lap and driving his car? How many car accidents happen and kids are their main casualties? If you are going to a near shop, to your neighbor’s house or to the park you should always put the seat belt even if the ride will take 5mn only.

Driving a car with kids is a big responsibility. No matter how short the trip is you should always put the seat belt for your kids. Even if you say that you drive carefully and slowly, a small bump from another car can throw your child around and break his neck if he is not putting his seat belt. Even if you are using your friend’s car and they don’t use seat belts, insist on buckling the seat belt for your kids and for yourself. You should always follow the below steps when you have kids in the car:

  • No baby below 3 years old is allowed in the car without his car seat.

  • For a baby above 3 years old, if no car seat is available, you can adjust the seat belt according to the child’s height or you can add a belt adjuster that pulls away the belt from the neck and face for optimum safety.

  • Never allow your kids to put the shoulder belt behind their backs or under their arms. During an accident this would hurt your child more and will cause him injury.

  • Always put your child in the back seat never in front next to the driver.

  • Don’t let your child loose on the back seat. Buckle his seat belt. You won’t be able to see behind you while driving if your child is hopping up and down. He could get hurt.

  • Be aware of airbags in your car. Airbags can be dangerous for kids less than 12 years old.

Drive safely!

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