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The Importance of Family Dinner

With the load of work you and your partner have, and the after-school activities your kids do, family schedules are becoming crazy and you barely spend time together! You should definitely find a solution to this, and the best idea is having family dinners together! Devote at least this part of the day to be together!

Why are family dinners so important after all?

  • By simply eating dinner together each night, and talking to your kids, you get to know them better and you discuss your and their day together. They’ll tell you about school, their friends, the activities they do, the books they read, etc.

  • Everyone will eat healthier, because mom’s food is definitely better than the snacks you grab! This reduces the risk of children suffering from obesity.

  • It can be a time to teach your kids manners and practice them: how to use the utensils properly, how to use the napkin, etc.

  • It is an opportunity to set some chores and responsibilities for your children. Setting the table, pouring drinks, washing dishes, are all things kids must help you with!

Let it be a commitment: starting from today, family dinner is sacred! Remember; no TV during family dinners!

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