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The Importance of Colostrum

Each pregnant woman starts producing colostrum during her late stage of pregnancy and the few days after delivery. This special yellow thick and sticky material is called Colostrum. It is rich in antibodies, low in fat, rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It has a mild laxative effect which would help the digestive system to eliminate the first baby’s stool called “meconium”. It is the first food for your baby.

It works actually as a natural vaccine since it contains high amounts of antibodies (IgA & IgG) which protects the newborn baby against germs and bacteria. It is also rich in leukocytes to help the baby fight against viruses. It plays a role of a barrier by protecting the gastro intestinal tract from any foreign substance to enter the system.

The colostrum's quantity is just the right amount your baby needs for his feedings. It is recommended to breastfeed your baby around 8 to 12 times per day after birth allowing him to benefit as much as he can from the colostrum.

The colostrum lasts for a week then changes into mature milk with lighter color, less concentration in antibodies and with a higher volume.

It is the best food for newborns and premature babies. It is called “Liquid Gold” because it supplies all the nutrients that your baby may need during his first days of life.

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