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The Greatest Love Ever

This Valentine, tell your children how much you love them and care about them! With those simple words you can show to your children that they are the dearest!

  • I love you

  • I’m proud of you

  • You did great

  • I’m glad I’m your mom (or dad)

  • I adore you

  • You’re the apple of my eye

  • Thank you

  • I couldn’t imagine life without you

  • You’re the best daughter (or son) ever

  • I admire your hard work

  • I care for you

  • I cherish you

  • My day isn’t complete without a hug from you

  • I enjoy spending time with you

  • You make life fun

  • Tell me about your day

  • Do you remember when…

  • You are my sunshine

  • Be careful! You’re irreplaceable

  • You’re a treasure

  • You are great

  • I love you more each day

  • You are my everything

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