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The Class Picture on a Bag

This week is the teacher’s week, for teacher’s day is very close. So, it is the perfect time to think about what gift your child will bring for his favourite teacher. A special gift from the class can be a very good idea. Teachers usually need a bag in which they carry all their stuff; what about making a personalized bag for your child’s teacher with the photo of her whole class gathered together.

You will need:

  • A bag

  • Transfer paper (you find it in all craft shops)

  • An iron

Print the picture you want on the transfer paper. Lay the bag on a heat resistant hard flat surface. Place the picture side down on the bag. Place a brown paper inside the bag directly under the picture. Read the instructions given with the transfer paper. Set the iron to the designated temperature, and wait for it to warm up. Move the iron in large circles on top of the transfer paper. Turn off the iron when finished and let the image cool for a few minutes. Gently peel the backing off of the fabric.

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