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The Chinese Jumping Rope

Who doesn’t remember having a great time playing with just a simple piece of elastic string? In fact, this game is popular worldwide but its origin is Chinese and hence its name: The Chinese Jump Rope.

An elastic rope is the only equipment you need, and the simple rules of this challenging game make it a game anyone can play, anytime and anywhere! And since it’s springtime, let your children play the Chinese Jump Rope in the outdoor: in your garden, in a park …

Here are the rules:

Two children named “enders” step inside the rope facing each other. They place the rope around their ankles and step back until the rope is stretched. The third child who’s the “jumper” stands outside the rope and starts jumping the following way:


  • Jump Side: the left foot lands outside the left rope and the right foot lands inside the left rope.

  • Jump Side again quickly: the right foot lands outside the right rope and the left foot lands inside the right rope.


  • Jump with both feet inside the rope.


  • Jump both feet from the middle to the outside of the rope, each foot lands on a side of the rope.

IN again


  • Jump both feet on top of the rope. The left foot lands on the left rope and the right foot lands on the right foot.

The jumper jumps until a jumping mistake, and then he trades positions with an ender. Enjoy this game with your children and Happy Jumping!

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