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The Best Outfit During Your Pregnancy

Just because you’re a mother-to-be doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly clothes! It is true that comfort in the clothes and shoes you wear during pregnancy is a must, but you can still look cool when you are pregnant!

While buying maternity clothes, there are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Even if you are excited to buy maternity clothes, don’t purchase them before your second trimester, for during the first three months, most of your clothes will continue to fit perfectly, except for the tightest ones and except if you are having multiples.

  • Before buying maternity clothes you can use a “belly button”; it is a simple device consisting of elastic with buttons that enables you to widen jeans, pants, and skirts to let you pull these on your growing tummy. And with a long shirt, top or t-shirt, nobody will ever know about your little secret!

  • Avoid itchy or synthetic items, for your hormones will make you feel itchier, stickier and hotter than normal! Even if most maternity clothes will contain spandex for stretch capacity, try to choose whenever it is possible, clothes with a natural fabric bend.

  • You will have a wide variety of clothes to choose from, like dresses, maternity jeans and tops, cotton leggings, and more. Just remember: don’t over shop, because buying clothes for a pregnant woman is like buying clothes for a baby; both of you are growing!

  • If you have the opportunity to borrow maternity clothes from a friend or a relative, don’t hesitate to do it, for it lets you save a lot of money!

  • In addition to the clothes you wear during pregnancy, you have to think about your shoes too, because wearing your regular shoes during pregnancy may cause you to have pinched toes and painful arches. In fact, during pregnancy your feet swell and your joints are more lax, this is why your shoes might stop fitting in the 2nd – 3rd trimester.

How to choose cool and comfortable shoes for pregnant women?

  • Flat shoes are the best for pregnant women, for they give you the feel of easiness and let you move as freely as you want. Don’t buy high heel shoes as you may lose your balance after wearing them.

  • Stick to leather or canvas shoes that don’t trap moisture.

  • If you have backaches get shoes with support.

  • In hot weather, just stick to sandals.

  • Shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen.

Enjoy your pregnancy and remember that comfort in what you wear is your priority!

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