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The 7 Stones Game

Very old and fun game played by the oldest generations. It entertains your child and helps him bond with his teammates.

What you need:

  • A Ball (Tennis or rubber ball)

  • 7 flat stones

  • Minimum of 2 players in each team (It is much more fun with a lot more)


Two teams with an equal number of players (One team to defend and one team to attack the stones).

Seven stones should be on top of each other as a pile. The attacking team gets 3 chances to hit the pile of stones with the ball and knock it down. If they fail, the other team will take place.

As soon as the ball knocks the pile of stones, the defender team catches the ball and tries to hit the opposite team.

The plan of the attacking team is to rearrange the pile of stones before the other team can make all the players out.

If they succeeded, their team gets 1 point and they get the chance to throw the ball again. However, if all the players are out, then the defending team now hit the stone and they gain one point.

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