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Teaching Manners to Our Kids

In the past, kids were well behaved and acted more politely; they were totally aware of what etiquette means. Nowadays everything has become different, particularly kids‘ education. Rudeness has increased and manners are diminishing swiftly. This phenomenon is seen daily on the roads, schools and between people interacting with each other.

In this environment were less “Please” and “Thank you” words are used, it would be difficult for us to teach our kids the good manners. The following teaching strategies may help us raise our kids and instill in them the good manners.

  • We must be their example. Our kids will learn from us directly. A family built in good manners would be a strong base for them.

  • We should encourage good manners: Praise our child whenever he acted politely and show him how pleased we were.

  • Work on the selfless attitude. Teach our child to start thinking about other people feelings in different situations. Removing the selfish attitude would be a good start of teaching our kids good manners. As an example, when he has his friends over, he should share all his toys and let them decide which game to play. After all he is the host and they are the invitees.

  • Teach our child to use the word “Please” when asking for something, “Thank you” when receiving something and “Excuse me” to draw attention.

  • Ask our child not to give any bad comments on other’s people characteristic or negative opinions. Educate him to keep these feelings for himself or until he is alone with us.

  • Respect privacy. Ask our child to knock on the door before entering a room or a house and ask for permission.

  • Pay attention to our child language. Insist on not using any foul language in front of anyone.

  • Encourage good deeds. Ask our child to help others, open a door for an elder, do a favor while smiling, introduce himself when making a phone call, cover his mouth when sneezing, and sit on a table quietly even if bored.

Usually kids do not act rudely intentionally. Enforcing good manners may help our kids differentiate between polite and impolite acts and help us raise a kind and polite child.

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