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Teacher's Day Gift Idea

Would you like to thank your child teacher on her day?

You can send her a personalized gift as a bookmark which she can use while reading her novels and for sure she’ll love it and will read your child message loud and clear.

All you need is:

  • Card stock or thick scrapbooking paper

  • White paper

  • Photo of your Child

  • Glue

  • Marker


  1. Cut the card to the desired size then cut the white paper slightly smaller.

  2. Cut the child photo into a heart shape and stick it on the white paper

  3. Use a colourful marker to add the message.

  4. Glue the white paper on the card stock. Press the sheet, and then insert it in a book.

Wrap the whole package in a gift paper and hand it to your child teacher.

Happy Teacher Day!

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