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Taking Care of a Plant: Useful and Fun

As much as it might sound silly, teaching your child how to take care of a plant is in reality a very useful activity!

Planting a plant and taking care of it is really fun for kids, and on the other hand it is also a very important experience that will teach them how to be responsible!

First of all, let your kid help you in taking care of your house plants and discuss with them all the plants’ needs: sunlight, water, air, temperature and food. Try to compare plants’ needs to basic human needs, and always remind your kid of the important tips such as how too much water can be just as harmful as not enough water!

Once you feel that your kid has learned all what he/she needs to know about how to take care of a plant, take him/her to a plants’ shop and pick together a plant that’s going to be your child’s very own. Taking care of this plant will become more than a hobby for your child; it will teach him/her the importance of care and responsibility!

To add some fun to the growing process of your child’s plant, let him/her do a photo journal of the plant’s development by taking pictures of the planting process and sticking them into a notebook adding dates and maybe some notes. This photo album will help your child to remember all the progress his/her plant has made!

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