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Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring has arrived! Are you prepared for spring cleaning? And what better way to start cleaning up after winter than with small magical hands to assist you? Everyone in the family should help with the spring cleaning, according to their age and capabilities. Here are some ideas to get you started on your spring cleaning with your children:

Teamwork Your children will like assisting when they feel like they are part of a team. Divide the children into teams and assign them chores. Assign more difficult tasks such as window cleaning to your teenagers and dust removal to your younger children.

Take part in games Split the children into groups and assign them duties. Let's see who can finish first. Check the results to see if they are satisfactory!

Make use of motivators Play some upbeat, engaging music. It will keep your children cheerful, active, and motivated. Allow each child to select his or her favorite music.

Toy clearance Make your children spend some time in their room clearing out any toys they no longer use. Put them in a box and give them to community centers or children's organizations. Remove books that are no more used and donate them to charities.

Closet cleaning Winter is over, the kids are growing, and there's a lot of clothes in the closets. Evaluate each item and donate small clothing. Throw away outdated, ripped, and washed-out garments. All other clothes should be washed and stored in a locked box for the next winter.

Cleaning jobs for children Encourage your children to move the outdoor furniture to the garden. Assign them the task of washing with soap and water. They'd love to play in the water. Provide each child with a sponge and a bucket of water and soap. Request that they go around the house and clean every dirty place on the walls. You can also assign toys to be sorted and cleaned. Allow them to sweep the porches, water the flowers, and tidy the garden of fallen leaves.

Reward hard work Cleaning is a chore. Nobody enjoys cleaning and organizing. Make a promise to your children about a reward at the end of the day.

Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to teach your children about good hygienic practices. Take advantage of this opportunity to have fun, interact, and bond with your children. During the day, try not to give orders and instead enjoy your time with your tiny helpers!

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