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Protect the Planet

With our environment getting increasingly polluted day after day, what future is waiting for our kids? We think that a child or a family can’t make a difference, but in fact it can! Every person should protect the planet starting from his home. Every parent is responsible of teaching his kids of good habits that will let him protect the environment.

There are dozens of small things you should teach your kids to do every day to save energy and keep the world cleaner and greener. Here are some important things your child should know:

  • Turn off the light when you leave your room and shut off the TV when you are no longer watching it.

  • Shut off the water when you are brushing your teeth and take faster showers or baths using a small amount of water.

  • Choose products that are not packaged.

  • Be aware of the importance of recycling and let kids get used to sort recyclables since their very little age.

  • Donate old clothes, toys, shoes and other items that might seem trash to you, for they can actually be reused.

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