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Pregnancy And Old Grandmother Tales

Each pregnancy is surrounded by sets of old tales and myths. Despite the technology and the latest medical research, women still like to hear the myths and tales that surround their pregnancy. Whether grandma’s prediction about the baby’s gender or Aunt Samira’s myth about not holding the hands above the head are true or false, women like to hear those tales. They are fun and harmless.

Those myths vary and are carried from generation to generation. Here are the most common myths:

  • If you carry low then probably you are carrying a boy, and if you carry high then it is a girl.

  • Grandma can test you by hiding a scissor and knife under the couches of the living room. If you sit over the scissors then you are carrying a boy, if you sit over the knife then you have a girl!

  • If your baby’s fetal heart is above 140 bpm then you are likely to have a girl and if the heart beats are lower then you will have a boy.

  • Some old ladies say that if you have a full face during your pregnancy you are having a girl!

  • If your partner gains weight during your pregnancy, then you are carrying a girl! So watch out!

  • It is very bad to hold your hands above your head while you are pregnant! The umbilical cord might wrap around the baby’s neck and choke him. You know for sure that this is a myth!

  • Pregnant women should never take a bath. Bacteria can go upside the vagina and hurt the baby. False myth; warm baths can relax pregnant women and do not harm babies.

  • Old fun myth states that you should never eat spicy food! It can pass to the baby and burn his eyes!

  • If you hate someone during your pregnancy, it is more likely that your child would resemble to him.

  • Heartburns increase if your child has thick long hair!

  • If you crave for sweet food you are having a girl and if you ask for a lemon juice you are more likely to have a boy.

There are many other myths that go during your pregnancy. Have fun hearing and recording them! Be careful when the myth asks you to inhale or intake something as herbs. Ask your doctor before, it could be harmful. Keep in mind that your doctor only can give you the right information and other stories are just predictions and tales.

Enjoy the stories and enjoy your pregnancy!

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