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Play with Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be a tool for playing a very fun indoor game! Play this game with your kids and their friends and see how much fun and laughter it will bring you!

You will need:

  • Chopsticks for each player

  • 2 small plates

  • 2 unshelled walnuts

  • 2 corns

  • 2 cranberries

  • 2 peas

Divide yourselves into 2 groups. Each group will get a plate with one unshelled walnut, one corn, one cranberry and one pea. Once each player gets his chopsticks, the players of each group stand in a line and put their plate near the first player in the line. The first player should pass each object, from largest to smallest, to the next player who’ll take it with the chopsticks and pass it away to the next one in the line. Each group has to get all the four objects back to the plate without dropping any of them! The group that finishes first wins!

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