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Play the Sardines Game

This game is similar to the Hide and Seek game and you can play it with your kids and their friends. The more players you have the funnier is the game.

In the Sardines game, all the kids close their eyes and count to 25 or 30 while only one person hides. All the players have to search for the hider. When someone finds him, he quietly crawls into the hiding spot too. Slowly one player after the other will be finding the hiders, and the hiding place will become more and more crowded. Now you know why this game is called the Sardines game! The game ends when the last player finds the hiding place and the first player who found it will get to hide in the next round.

Remember; don’t make a lot of noise in the hiding place even if it’s not easy to keep quiet when you’re all squished, uncomfortably, together!

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