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Pirate Birthday Party

Are you ready to transform your home into a fun Caribbean port and your backyard into a pirate ship? You are asking what is it about? Well, it is about organizing for your child the most memorable birthday party!

The Pirate Birthday Party is one of the most popular kids’ parties ever, and to ensure for your child a perfect one, there are some preparations to do!

First of all, prepare the invitations inspired by the pirates’ theme. On a paper draw the map leading to your house where the party will be, and let it be similar to a treasure map; you can even burn its edges to give it this pirate spirit. When the map is done place it inside a bottle and add to the bottle a bit of sand, some seashells, and some small skull beads. Stick on the bottle a black sticker where you can write the name of the kid invited to the party, and you can add to it a creepy message like “Come if you dare”.

To decorate your house for your child’s birthday party, you can use black and purple colours. Use these colours for balloons, streamers, and tablecloth. Hang all over your party room pirate flags and place everywhere gold plastic beads and other “stolen treasure” to create the mood. Moreover, you can put on the table some gold chocolate or plastic coins and some plastic jewels.

To add some fun to the party you will need to organize for the kids some interesting games and activities; and what a pirate party without the famous pirate’s treasure hunt? Before the party, purchase a treasure chest, or fashion your own, from a box. Use paper and paint to decorate it. Remember that this box has “been underwater” for quite some time, so it doesn’t need to be beautiful. Fill the box with a treasure like candy and small toys, and then hide it in a secret location. Present a rolled-up “old” treasure map to the Party Captain (the birthday child); this map contains the first clue. For example, “Don’t walk the plank to meet your doom, the first clue’s in the living room” where they’ll find the next clue, etc. Leading finally to the treasure! This game is so much fun and the kids will definitely enjoy it!

Some snacks and drinks will be perfect after the treasure hunt like fish-shaped crackers, small sandwiches, fruits, and the famous “shark blood” which is nothing but red juice!

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