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Pick Some Flowers, Make a Wreath

It’s springtime; all gardens are full of beautiful flowers! Chamomiles, dandelions and poppies are everywhere! The best activity to do with your children during this time of the year is, of course, going to a garden and pick together some flowers of all shapes and colours.

You can let your children make beautiful bouquets to decorate their rooms, but you can also make together a beautiful and simple hair accessory: a floral hair wreath!

Floral hair wreaths are popular to wear as a “crown” during a wedding, the first communion or just playing around. They are easy to make and give your flower girl that extra angelic look!

You will need:

  • A wire

  • Stem tape

  • Glue

  • Any flowers you’ll pick with your children

To begin with, help your child to do the base:

Use the wire and bend it to form a circle that fits your child’s head, then tape all the way around the wire a stem tape. Now you can let your child proceed by applying small drops of glue to the wreath and attaching flowers from one end of the wreath and all the way to the other end.

Remember, the more flowers you have, the more beautiful it will look!

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