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Parents and Teachers

What is this matter that you always hear parents murmur about in a school parking lot? And how do they react towards it? For sure you know what I mean! It is the endless story of parents – teachers’ relationship. What is the story behind this conflict? And why we as parents are hesitant to communicate with our kids’ teachers?

We know very well that a good and clear communication can help our child’s education a lot and improves his school year. We think that if we approach the teacher she might get angry and become aggressive towards our children, or we think that because we’re not teachers, we won’t be able to discuss school issues. That is not true. You are the one who knows best your child and knows his weaknesses and strengths. Keeping the problem to you may lead to panic. Panicking will aggravate the situation and built up stress and tensions between you and the school which makes you see stuff worse than they are.

As a mother, the best advice is that you should start a clear and honest communication with the teachers from the beginning. We might have different ideas about teaching methods than the ones used in class. Initiating an early and healthy discussion would help to eliminate schooling problems. Most teachers understand well the situations and will help you to eliminate problems. They would appreciate your approach, fairness and the time you allocated to communicate with them. The best way is not to confront them and not to make assumptions based on earlier experiences. We should also know that our little angels are not definitely so in class and we should always hear the story from both sides. So, let us give a chance for teachers who are dealing with minimum of 25 students at one time.

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