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Motherhood Milestones

Have you ever considered that as a mother, you have your own set of milestones? We all aspire and worry about our children's milestones, but we forget about our own. No one will warn you about such milestones, and no one in your family will prepare you for them. These lessons are given one-on-one, and the finest teacher is experience.

As mothers, we should take a little time to reflect on where we are in our journey! These are some exciting milestones that you will discover and master through time:

  • Sleeping: When you understand the meaning of rest and the significance of getting a good night's sleep.

  • Get the MOM haircut: This is the time where you choose a new hairstyle which doesn't require much style, coloring, or fashion accessories. Well, you just cut it short to make yourself look more tidy, attractive, and motherly.

  • Memorize nursery rhymes: When you become an expert in all children's songs, including hand movements and mimics required to keep your child entertained.

  • “Tia’s Mother”: When you are introduced as a mother, using your child's name to refer to you and you become thrilled when someone calls you by your child's name

  • Being a Mama Bear: Whenever anyone threatens your child and when your child is in a desperate situation, you suddenly feel protective. You'd probably want to hit the nurse who made your child cry after a vaccination!

  • Creative problem solving: It is the time where you feel confident in your abilities to solve any problem and make the best decisions for your family.

  • Multitasking while breastfeeding: When you can successfully breastfeed while answering the phone, reading a magazine, or even wrapping your child's clothes.

  • Super Driver: When you are able to drop off your children at school effortlessly, even if you are running late.

Every one of these milestones are mastered through time, and no guide can tell you how to achieve them. Being a mother is a journey filled of discoveries, thrills, love, and worries. Being an A Student, an astronaut, a manager or even a CEO will not mean anything when you become a "MOM."

Enjoy your motherhood!

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