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Kids and Social Responsibility

We live in a chaotic world and we cannot stop the daily rush. Even our kids are sensing this rush, which is causing a big mess. We do not find the proper time to teach our kids social responsibility. We blame schools, governments, clubs and teachers for not teaching our kids how to respect environment, people, rules and patriotism.

We forget the fact that our kids imitate us. They copy our reactions and try to be similar to us. We are their role model and we represent their only reference. Lots of daily routine actions can teach your child how to respect his brother, sister and later on neighbors and other people that surround him. By taking him to visit elderly people and helping them shows him the importance of caring and loving. Planting in the garden, taking care of plants will teach him how to respect nature and preserve it. Driving carefully and respecting traffic rules will teach him how to become a good driver and keeps him away from problems that can put his life and other people lives in danger.

With time and practice your child will grow with a sense of responsibility and self control over his actions. He will understand his community and the world. Parents who are involved in social activities as recycling programs, environmental projects, community services and volunteering are more likely to have children involved in such services too.

We have to stop blaming anyone. We should take responsibility to raise our kids. Nobody is excused. The future of our kids and the future of earth rely on us. We cannot keep on saying it is not our problem. Responsibility starts from within. We should teach our kids how to appreciate people, life and environment.

We should not forget that by building a caring loving home environment and teaching our kids the responsibility of their actions and decisions we are building the foundation of social responsibility.

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