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Kids and responsibility

No one is born responsible; responsibility is a character that is formed over time: it has to be taught and learned. We unfortunately often hear that children today aren’t learning how to be responsible. Some studies show that many children see nothing wrong with cheating on tests or even taking things that don’t belong to them. As a parent, you are the one who will be teaching your kid to be responsible, and this process should start at an early age and should include all your kid’s behaviors, at home, at school and at any other place.

Tips to teach your child responsibility:

  • Teach your child to be responsible for his things. If he forgets something at his friend’s house he should bear with the consequences and he won’t have his thing back until he sees his friend again. If he breaks a toy or looses it, you won’t buy him another one!

  • Make your punishment suit the misbehavior of your child, the thing that will teach him fairness. For example, if your child spills something on his clothes, an appropriate punishment will be to make him clean it.

  • Don’t reward your child for good behavior because he won’t understand that it should be his normal attitude; he will think that he should act well to get a reward.

  • If possible, let your child have a pet. Taking care of a pet is a great way for your child to learn responsibility! A plant could also be an option especially for younger kids.

  • Let your child know that he has chores at home and he won’t play or go out without finishing them as fixing his rooms and his toys.

You are his role model. He will imitate all your actions. Show him love and responsibility!

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