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It's Time to Celebrate the End of School

No more getting up early every morning; no more evenings spent on doing homework; no more school, and summer holidays have just begun! This is definitely something to celebrate!

Help your children celebrate the end of their school year, make them feel that the end of each school season is an important milestone in their life, as they have learned more, met new friends, experienced new things…

Let your kids start by gathering all the crafts they’ve done throughout the year, all the pictures that they took with their friends during occasions, and make from all that, a school year scrapbook. You can take pictures of all the crafts, print them, and stick them into the book. Let the kids add some notes to the pictures, writing what makes them so special, putting some memorable dates, names of friends, etc. These memories gathered in a book are a great souvenir to keep forever!

Now at the end of the scrapbook, let the kids leave some blank pages that they will fill with some summer plans that they want to do with all the family members! Organize a small family lunch or dinner with your kids’ favourite food, and invite all the family members: grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins… At this family event, your kids will make their plans with each family member and write it down on the last pages of his scrapbook: one day they’ll help grandfather in the garden, another day they’ll visit auntie, on the third day they’ll go to the beach with the cousins, etc.

This small celebration will make your kids share their school year memories with the family and make some summer plans with all the family members! This is a really nice summer start!

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