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I Want to Be a Teacher

How many times do we hear our children expressing the idea of becoming a teacher when they grow up? Why they are that much fascinated and impressed by this job? Is it because they had an experience that affected them or because they loved their teachers so much they wanted to become like them? Is teaching the best job ever, or is it because of the power of the teachers they have?

We see our little kids playing the role of a teacher at home, writing on a board, giving orders to their playmates and even implementing punishment methods. It is so amusing to observe them imitating their teacher in a meticulous way. Children are like mirrors. They repeat anything that occurs in front them. Every word, action and experience is recorded in their little brain and since they spend so much time at school they tend to copy everything that happened throughout their day.

Usually this resolution is influenced by how much your child loves his teacher and how much he loves the subject and his class. Teaching is a very challenging and rewarding job. You should love the kids to be able to teach them and be able to make them love any subject even the hardest one. Kids look for a teacher who listens, trusts and engages with them as well as teaches in a fun way.

This love of teaching can grow with your child and affect him to become a teacher himself in the future. Let’s encourage our kids to build a healthy relation with their teachers and emphasize their admiration for this job.

On this special day we want to tell every teacher in the world Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for the love care time and attention that you give to our children!

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