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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

How many times do we wish we could be with our children when we have to work or fulfill other obligations that take us away from them? Whether we work outside home or not, family life with children is hectic. It’s easy to get into a busy schedule that leads us to feel disconnected from our children. When difficult feelings guide us to adjust the balance in our lives and the quantity and quality of our time with our child, a few simple steps will put us back in balance.

Plan for fun times together. When the time comes, put all of your obligations out of your mind, relax, and have a good time. No matter how busy your daily schedule is or how tired you maybe after a long day. Schedule a time that you can spend with your child uninterrupted. Turn off the television if it is on, unless your time together is about watching your child‘s favorite show. Then show how interested you are with it too so that you both can enjoy this time together. Turn off your cell phones or do not answer that call. There is nothing worse than an excitement of a child coming to greet you and showing how they did well in school and be interrupted by a phone call. Whatever it is it can wait for five minutes

Allow yourself to have childlike fun. If you’ve forgotten how, you have the perfect teacher in your child. Let your child guide you through his world of fun. Something he likes will re-ignite that child in you; and then, just go with it.

Take time during your busy life. Take a long lunch once a month and treat your child and yourself to lunch together. The key is to find ways to spend fun times together, to laugh and play and reconnect with your child.

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