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How to Make Your Kids Love Veggies

We all wish if we knew the secret of parents whose kids love vegetables. Kids and vegetables don’t seem to go along together as most kids will turn their face at the sight of a green shape in their plate.

Here are some ideas to get vegetables into your picky eater child’s plate.

  • First, get your child to help you creating the menu.

  • Try to focus on sweet veggies as tomatoes, corn, peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes…

  • Mix veggies in the blender to make a smooth puree and add them to the pizza or spaghetti sauce. Don’t add too many veggies so that the taste of the sauce doesn’t change.

  • Present the food in a fun way. Use some carrot sticks, cucumber rounds and sliced cherry tomatoes. Display them as a face in your child’s plate. A quick dip in salad dressing gives raw vegetables a little flavor kick. So does cream cheese, barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, low-fat mayonnaise. Let kids experiment with mixing flavors.

  • Make it a routine. Serve veggies with every meal. Eat yourself too. Your child will imitate you.

  • Finally, the one bite rule. Let your child try one bite from each veggie. If he doesn’t like it, keep it aside and try after few weeks. You will be surprised to see how his taste will change.

So those are some ideas to encourage your child eating veggies and expanding his taste.

Have a healthy veggie meal!

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