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How to keep your child warm and safe

Winter season is here and temperature is dropping outdoors and indoors. Our houses are usually heated by different ways and methods. Many heaters if not installed properly would cause serious damages and injuries. Usually children are the first ones to have burn injuries due to heaters. Follow these tips to minimize the risk of accidents:

  • Always read the heater’s instruction before installing.

  • Place the heater on the floor away from wet areas and at a distance of at least 1m from any furniture, curtains and beddings.

  • Always check the plugs and cords.

  • Do not plug another electrical device with the heater plug.

  • Cover baseboard heaters with gates to prevent kids from touching them.

  • Do not ever put a cloth on a heater to dry it or warm it. It may get in flame and cause fire.

  • Do not leave children unattended in a room where heaters are on.

  • If you are using fireplaces, install a gate in front of it or block its way to protect your kids. Also make sure that the duct is opened so Carbon Dioxide doesn’t build up. Do not use charcoal or flammable liquids. Teach your kids not to throw anything in the fire.

  • Always put off the heater before leaving the room.

  • Make sure to have one small window opened for ventilation.

How to keep your child warm?

  • Put an extra layer on your child and make him wear a turtle neck cotton flannels under his cloth. It will protect him against wind.

  • You can make him wear 2 pairs of socks and mittens.

  • Don’t use a scarf, it might get jammed with objects leading to suffocation.

  • Don’t let your kids play outside for more than half an hour. Make them come back home to get warm.

  • Use carpets or rugs in your child’s room. Do not let him sit on the floor.

  • You can use earmuffs to keep his ears warm.

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