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How Much Parents Influence Kids’ Personality?

Do you think that parents can shape their kids’ personality? And how much do you think kids would be receptive to listen to their parents, follow the rules and techniques to develop their personality within the normal social context?

It is an endless learning process for both parents and kids. If you compare the times where you had a tricky situation and couldn’t understand your child’s behavior with the times where you acted as a comprehensive parent then you will notice that you had most of the times tried to relate your child’s personality to yours. We, as parents, need to understand that each child is unique and interacts differently than any other human being.

Some kids are born easy to take care of and others are more demanding. Researchers agree that these temperaments are genetic. But as parents, we should know that a child’s behavior is influenced by our daily actions and relationship with them. The experience that we share with our kids during their first life stages can be critical. As well, the culture of the society we live in may have an impact on our kids perceptions. As parents always thrive for the best, kids start to challenge themselves to reach perfections and to please their parents. We must be aware of what we say in front them! Often kids drive themselves far beyond our expectations specifically in schools and sports to meet our outlooks. When saying, “I make sure that my child gets the best toys and participates in all school activities. I aim that he goes to college, have a master degree and gets an impressive job”, the child may perceive it as a challenge which creates anxiety and fear of the consequences of not meeting expectations.

With the increase demands of today’s life, parents are more busy and have less time to spend with their child which affects the child’s behavior’s development. We need to be more responsive, good listeners and attentive to our kids so we can build a positive environment.

If we take the time to understand and learn the development of our kids’ personalities from early stages of life, we would be able to get a better approach to mold their personality into a healthier and more efficient one that provides a positive attitude and behavior towards the community. Like it or not, our babies will grow and will develop their own personality which is unique for each one of them. Our role is to guide building their personality. Let us try to understand our kids, listen to them and spend time with them. By doing so, we would be able to comprehend them and coach them through this developmental phase.

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